PuzzleWiz Group Buy

PuzzleWiz Group Buy

People have known and enjoyed puzzles since time immemorial as a way of entertainment. Whether it is crosswords or Sudoku, puzzles are said to have several cognitive benefits such as better memory, enhanced problem-solving skills and an increase in concentration.

With technology taking over, puzzle apps are the answer for anyone who wishes to engage in these riddles any time. There are quite a number of puzzle games but this review will concentrate on “Puzzlewiz” which is worth giving a try. In this article, we will examine its features, pros and cons; plus other relevant details that will assist you when using it. Now let’s get started!

What is PuzzleWiz?

PuzzleWiz is software made by Book Bolt that offers an easy to use tool for puzzle makers. It can be used to create numerous puzzles and activity books with ease. Although you may opt for manual creation of puzzles it can be extremely tedious and difficult.

This is why most people involved in creating them find themselves compelled to use something like the Puzzle Wiz generator instead. Thus this software greatly simplifies the process of planning and making these things so that creators may have more time to spend on interesting activities as well as crafting puzzle books.

Why Choose PuzzleWiz?

It allows for the simple making of excellent quality puzzle books which can easily be uploaded and published to Kindle Direct. With PuzzleWiz, you will have more time to focus on creating puzzling puzzles that are thrilling and less time thinking about publishing technicalities. Puzzle enthusiasts and authors hoping to make a book from what they love can find no better tool than this.

How do I use PuzzleWiz?

When you log into PuzzleWiz with your email address and password, the dashboard will appear. Let me take you through some steps that are involved in creating an indoor maze puzzle.

  1. Choose “Maze” from the list on the left. This option will appear on top after it has been selected.
  2. Decide whether you want bleed or not; usually puzzles don’t require bleeds unless there is need for frames or pictures.
  3. Select book size: 5×8, 6×9 or 8.5×11. The most commonly used size for puzzle books is 8.5×11.
  4. Determine whether your book should be double-sided or single-sided.
  5. Tell us how many pages we should have in your book.
  6. Check if any of these are in place include solutions, match puzzle/solution page numbers, and add page numbers.
  7. Press on Submit button and wait until generator completes puzzles for you. Then you will see a notice in your inbox telling you “Download Your Document.” Open it and hey presto! Your puzzles are ready!

It should also be noted that with other types of puzzles, one can choose their favorite font as well. However, there is no need to change font type for mazes since they do not contain any texts at all.

A Solution To The Dilemma Of A Puzzle Book!

  • It’s always been difficult to create puzzle books for Kindle Direct Publishing. It was never easy to decipher spaces, sizes and how to actually populate the numbers & words on an algorithm. Take Out The “Hassle” In Puzzle Books.

Unique Puzzles Generated Fast

Make unique puzzles fast for your KDP business. You may be just starting or going deep; we have made it simple for you to get your books noticed among millions of customers on Amazon.

  • One-of-a-Kind Sudoku, Crossword & Word Search Interiors
  • Upload-ready
  • Preset Sizing And Page Count Options
  • More Puzzle Types Coming Soon

Word Searches For Your Business!

  • Just upload your .CSV file and click ‘generate’ to create Word Search Puzzles that are either entirely random or more niche oriented!

What are the benifits of using PuzzleWiz?

User-oriented interface

  • The application has an intuitive user-friendly interface which enables one to create customized puzzles in just a few clicks.

Puzzle types diversity

  • This software boasts numerous possibilities and settings thus allowing users create different puzzle types such as Sudoku, Crossword, Word Search etc.

Top notch puzzles

  • Thus software ensures that your created puzzles are of highest quality possible thus giving you professional looking product at the end.

Simple publication

  • You will publish your files on Kindle Directly simply through this software with easy reaches enabling wider audience and sharing of your skills in designing these riddles with others.

Time saving

  • By taking care of all the technical aspects that go into producing and publishing these materials, it leaves you free to develop challenging interesting questions.

Who ought to utilize PuzzleWiz?

Puzzle aficionados and writers who wish to transform their love of puzzles into a published book would find PuzzleWiz to be excellent. It’s also useful to educators planning to create puzzle books for using in classrooms, and small business owners wanting to create unique puzzles for their customers. Furthermore, PuzzleWiz works amazingly well as a tool through which independent authors can diversify their products by targeting wider audiences.

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Pros and Cons of PuzzleWiz


  1. A good way of buying puzzles at an affordable price.
  2. One can work with others and share hints on how to solve puzzles.
  3. There are a variety of puzzles from different brands and themes available for purchase online.
  4. Group buying may help one to get discounted prices or exclusive deals.
  5. It can bring together people who like solving puzzles.


  1. Problems in organizing the group buy due to lack of communication among its members.
  2. Limited influence on the types of specific puzzles that will be bought by the group
  3. Consequently, logistical issues may lead to a delay in delivery of orders placed for puzzles
  4. The “right” selection of what kind(s) of puzzle(s) should be purchased is not agreed upon by all members, there may have dissatisfaction.
  5. Collecting and distributing money within the group poses more challenges than expected


Try out what Puzzlwiz has to offer if you’re interested in writing. Publishing your own puzzle book, or if you’re a puzzle lover, educator, writer, or small business owner. Do not miss the opportunity of buying this great software Puzzlewiz at Group Buy SEO Tools for such an affordable price! Remember to visit our website regularly so that you do not miss out on other possible options that cater to your needs if you are searching for a Puzzlewiz alternative that will allow you to create and publish your own puzzle books.


  1. 1. What is PuzzleWiz Group Buy?

    This is a platform, where you can make purchases together with other people at a lower price.

  2. 2. How does PuzzleWiz Group Buy work?

    They collect users in groups for the purchase of specific puzzles and after reaching a required number of members they buy puzzles in bulk at a reduced price.

  3. 3. Does it cost anything to join PuzzleWiz Group Buy?

    No, joining PuzzleWiz group buy doesn’t require a fee or cost; it’s free to register and participate in group buys.

  4. 4. Can I suggest puzzles to be included in the group buys?

    Sure thing! Some of these puzzles the public would like us to sell next time can be introduced by them contacting us.

  5. 5. What is your policy on shipping fees for PuzzleWiz Group Buys?

    Shipping charges are divided among customers according to their locations and usually calculated during checkout.

  6. 6. Can I cancel my subscription after joining a group buy?

    As soon as you have chosen which group buying program to be part of and paid, then it would not be feasible to receive refunds or cancellations as orders are made in bulk

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