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Last Updated on December 16, 2022 by Ginette Rhodes
Powtoon Group Buy

If you're in search of a program that's easy to use and provides plenty of room to grow, Powtoon is a great option. The variety of tools and the clean interface are great features as is the fact that the program comes with lots of support to assist you in addition. From personal use to marketing it's a highly user-friendly platform.

I would suggest Powtoon to anyone looking for an easy way to make animated videos and can afford a budget that will allow users to go beyond a basic plan. The software provides enjoyable and produces high quality videos.

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What I like Its clean and simple interface. An excellent collection of relevant and cutting-edge clipart. Fantastic assistance (plenty of community sources).

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Powtoon Review

I'm Ginette Rhodes and just like me, I want to be sure of the terms prior to purchasing an app or sign up to any kind of account.
This is why I write reviews on software. Everything I write here is directly from my personal experience with Powtoon. This review is not sponsored by Powtoon So, you can rest assured to know that the Powtoon review is honest. From the images and explanations to everything was created by me. This image from my account could help clarify my motives:

Not to mention I contacted my Powtoon customer support via email.

A Comprehensive Review of Powtoon

I tried Powtoon for a few minutes to gain a better understanding of the way it works and how it functions. This is a brief overview of the various features and their functions:


Templates are the basis for Powtoon -- and can be good as well as bad. There are three kinds of template templates: Personal Education and Personal. In addition, templates come with different aspect ratiosthat is, what size the finished video as well as the dimensions. For instance 16:9 is the one you'd expect to see in a normal horizontal presentation or video however, Powtoon also has designs that have a 1:1 ratio (square) in case you wish to create a video to share on social media.


With Powtoon You can utilize media in a variety of ways. The first is to incorporate media into the template you're using.

The template includes an extensive area marked with a line where you can place materials, which you see in the image below.

Props that are in essence clipart, are classified by category , not individual style, but typically, different variants of the exact item are offered.


Editing text in Powtoon is a very straightforward process. You could create a text box from scratch if there isn't already one by making use of the text tool that's located in the sidebar on the right.

You have the option of using plain text, or you can make use of any of our templates to create text boxes, shapes, and animations with specialized designs. Simply click on whatever it is that you want to use, and it will be brought up on your display.

When a text box is displayed, the text within the box can be edited by clicking twice on the box. You have the option of selecting a "enter" animation as well as a "exit" animation for each text box that you work with. In the event that you create videos using a whiteboard, you could combine this with hand animations to enhance the experience.


There are two main audio functions that are available in Powtoon. First, there is a voiceover, while the other will be background sound.

In the event that you're adding voiceovers you can record only for the current slide or the whole Powtoon. Remember that you shouldn't capture more than 20 second of recorded audio for just one slide when you're when you're in "current the slide" mode.


When you use Powtoon It's crucial to keep in mind that the application can be used with two different layouts (three when you're on the top premium plan). Its "Quick edit" as well as the "Full Studio" settings significantly impact the layouts you're able to access and can be easily change between them using the menu bar at the top.

Full Studio can be used as the default option when you begin a blank project and causes the sidebar to appear.

No matter which option you choose regardless of the view you choose, you'll see the scrolling sidebar to the left side that holds the slides as well as an option to play or pause the canvas to edit the timeline.

Export Functionalities

Powtoon offers a decent variety of export options and there are several ways to gain access to these options.

The easiest way is to access your home screen using Powtoon. Each time you create a project there should be an orange "Export" button located on the right.


What exactly is Powtoon?

It's a program that runs on the internet that allows you to create interactive presentations as well as explainer-style videos. It is most commonly used in the fields of education and marketing however, it can be used for a range of features.

Are Powtoon free?

It's not. Although you can access Powtoon for free, your choices are restricted. The free version of the service only supports videos with standard definition and up to 3 minutes long. In addition the video will have watermarks.

They can't be exported in MP4 files, or control link access to stop unintentional viewers from accessing the files. The free plan gives the user the chance to test the software but, in reality you'll need some of the premium plans (starting at just $20/month) for getting things accomplished. Also, Powtoon isn't free and will cost you money.

Is it possible to download Powtoon be downloaded?

There is no way to download Powtoon. It's an online web-based application. Although it is accessible on any device that has access to the internet, it isn't possible to download it as an app.

But, you are able to download the videos you have made and presentations. They can be downloaded from the website service as a file , if you are on an active plan. Users on a free plan cannot save the contents of their Powtoon creations.

How do you make use of Powtoon?

To utilize Powtoon to use their platform, you'll first to have to sign-up to their website. Once you've registered an account, Powtoon will ask you what your main reason for using their platform.

I chose "Personal" when I set up Powtoon. At the top of the page you'll find tabs from the main Powtoon website, such as "Explore" along with "Pricing". Below that is an horizontal bar with templates to help you get to get started. There's also an area that can be used to store all the videos or slideshows that you've made.

For a start with Powtoon you can select a template from our template library or design your own project by clicking"+" or the blue "+" button. If the steps seem confusing, you can access resources like this video on YouTube that can help you get started. Powtoon has also published a collection of official written tutorials that are available on the official website.


Powtoon is an illustration and presentation software which can be used to make more interactive and enjoyable content. It comes with a variety of styles of animation such as infographics, cartoons whiteboards, and more. The software is online-based and allows you to access your work on any computer that has the Internet connectivity and Flash.

Powtoon may be a excellent tool for those looking to create educational or marketing content. It has an access subscription plan, but it offers a no-cost plan to test the software before you buy.

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