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What is GPTZero?

GPTZero can be described as an artificial intelligence (AI) software for detecting content designed by Princeton University student Edward Tian. The tool was developed by Tian for teachers following the increase in cases that involved “AI plagiarism.” AI plagiarism is the usage in the AI tool to create content similar to that from existing content with no proper credit.

Tian recommends GPTZero as the answer to this issue because it analyses texts based on their perplexity and speed. Perplexity refers to the varying nature of a text in relation to an ideal model or how an algorithm for language modeling likes the text. While, burstiness refers to how uniform and constant the perplexity when compared to a variety of human-written text.

The application remains in test The creator plans to publish a paper that includes precision statistics using data gathered from student journalism projects.

Since AI creating content has become more popular It’s up to programs such as the GPTZero to manage AI usage and ensure the integrity of work by students. We will explore the AI detection tool’s capabilities and determine if it’s an appropriate solution for AI plagiarism.


  • Score of Perplexity: As mentioned earlier, perplexity is a metric of randomness. It evaluates how efficient the model of language (like ChatGPT) is at forecasting the words to come. The higher scores indicate greater uncertainty and suggests that a text is a result of human effort. 
  • Score of Burstiness: This measure examines the sentence structure and determines if there is uniformity or a pattern. It is based on the notion that human beings tend to mix long and short sentences when they write.
  • Highlighted AI-written text: GPTZero’s latest update includes phrase detection. The app identifies which phrases are likely to be written by an AI in an article. 
  • API Integration: The developer made the API of GPTZero accessible to anyone who wishes to integrate it into their system. You can also request customized assistance from the app’s engineers by email.


  • Free to use
  • Can detect GPT-2 texts
  • No sign-up is required


  • Still in the early stages of beta
  • Not completely exact
  • The lack of characteristics

GPTZero’s Potential

Because the program is in its beta phase It’s not fair to highlight its shortcomings in the moment. Instead, we should concentrate on the direction GPTZero will likely to go. To begin, the app is free at present and therefore highly accessible for teachers.

This API is also available to those who want it. This means that other developers are able to create their own APIs and integrate it into the systems they have in place.

Edward Tian said from the beginning that the tool was created with the academic mind in mind, in contrast to other AI tools for detecting content available currently available that are specifically designed to detect blogs and marketing materials.

As the team tries GPTZero with more data from students’ work, the application’s effectiveness is expected to improve. When combined with online plagiarism checkers which can enhance the quality of theses and essays written by students.

At present, teachers should make use of GPTZero in a limited manner while it is being developed. May also make use of plagiarism detection tools that check documents against billions of information available online.

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