Top 20 Tips You Need To Know To Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is a social media platform wherever users explore, share and store visual content that they notice exalting, useful or fun. Social media statistics add that Pinterest will have quite two billion searches per month. fifty-fifth of individuals use this social media app for searching. Pinterest marketing is effective as a result of it leads your relevant guests onto your website. This ensures additional website visits and guides prospects World Health Organization is already fascinated by your offers. you can to even use promotional pins to extend your reach.

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Here are 20 quick tips to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy

1. Complete your profile properly

Every social media has the rule to complete a profile perfectly. Describe your business and embody relevant keywords that assist you to reach your target market. Next, transfer a profile image. whether or not it is a brand or your personal image, certify it is a respectable one! conjointly, build a minimum of 10-12 boards and connect a minimum of nine pins to every board. this can keep your board additional active and provides it a recent look, encouraging guests to explore your board additional.

2. Build your 1st five boards

If you haven’t started to promise nonetheless, now could be the time! begin making your 1st five boards associated with topics that your audience can like. Add many pins to every board. Suppose you own a makeup whole. You can produce five DIY boards that your audience can replicate exploitation your product or classic tutorial look that’s laborious for amateurs to nail.

3. Use the secret board to save content for future

Use hidden boards to avoid wasting content for the long run Pre-planning is usually a good plan. Change all the post content you want and create a hidden or secret board. Next, pin a picture to its board and add the computer address of the first pin to the caption. Think about it as some way to bookmarker your pins.

4. Have an awesome cover photo

Your cowl exposure is your 1st impression. this is often the primary factor a user will after they visit your page. select a top-quality image that’s enticing and bright for your cowl exposure. certify it reflects your page. Pinterest permits you to select that PIN to use as your cowl image. To optimize every board before exploiting them as your cowl photos on Pinterest.

5. Active engagement

You may not have many Pinterest followers to persuade in the beginning. Everyone starts with just a few of them. The key to obtaining additional guests is to attach with them! An excellent is different from direct electronic messaging. Reach bent folks that liked your posts, give thanks to people who rewrote your photos on Pinnacle, and originated cluster conversations to extend engagement on Pinterest.

6. Follow your competitors

Find out your competitors’ profiles on Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can learn correctly what they are doing and run them through some analysis. So, if you follow your –competitors, they will follow you in all likelihood. Cross-promoting and inspiring one another on the platform provides you a wider audience.

7. Share blog posts


If you encounter a motivating journal post, you can to continuously recreate them as AN infographic and share them exploitation a similar content however presenting it through fascinating visuals. build some additional effort to form visuals and you are able to post.

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8. Be part of the community board

Simply put, a community board is AN associate board in hand by one person and so adds additional creators to post on the board. You can request to affix existing community boards. If you already own one, you can to conjointly invite individuals to collaborate. Do an analysis for acceptable community boards in your sector. That way, you may reach an extremely targeted audience that you just would not rather be ready to access. Also, this is often a good place to search out relevant content to pin on your board.

9. Leverage Pinterest analysis

Measuring your efforts is that the most vital part of Pinterest selling. It helps you identify what works best with your audience. It has an analysis platform. You can use varied social media selling tools to induce higher insights into your Pinterest traffic.

10. Include Rich Product Pin on your site

Rich pins are pins that embody period data among the pins. They allow you to give additional data to a PIN, creating it additional easy. The created PINs drive additional traffic from your website. However, you would like basic data of embedding,, and open graphs.

11. Focus on image quality

Pinterest techniques are all concerning visuals. Therefore, the additional fascinating photos you post, the additional engagement you get on Pinterest. Again, if you share high-quality and fascinating pictures in your journal posts, individuals are additional doubtless to pin them on their board.

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12. Use keywords in your description

Helps you simply reach the correct audience with relevant keywords. Also, the outline provides viewers a short summary of your topic and lets them higher perceive your boards. therefore make certain to edit your boards consequently.

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Suppose you’ve got AN previous journal post that you just need to push on Pinterest, and therefore the original article doesn’t have a pinnable image. You can too easily fix this by uploading a Pinterest size image. Simply click ” on your Pinterest page and choose ‘Pin’.

14. Pin Regularly


Consistently promise helps increase exposure and client engagement together with your whole. You can use social media tools to schedule and arrange your pins in advance. Your pins on Pinterest can guarantee regular posting and increase your reach.

15. Cross-promotion across platforms

If you latterly started exploitation Pinterest, you must make the most of your different networks to extend your followers and increase social traffic. You can to tweet/post concerning your new PIN/board on varied social media platforms. The best way it makes it is to express your -presence on Pinterest to your already -existing audience elsewhere.

16. Run a Pinterest contest

For people who have engagement, several followers, and need to grow new lead-off platforms, Pinterest Competition could be a nice selling tool. once you run a Pin It to Win It contest, as an example, you raise users to repaint from a variety of pins (although you cannot simply raise them to repaint the image).

It usually pins your content otherwise by totally different users, when that it will be re-saved organizationally by different users.

17. Track your traffic with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of every of the foremost vital tools in the selling and e-commerce business, in spite of the sort of selling they concentrate on. whereas the Promoted PIN system tracks conversions, exploitation Google Analytics will assist you to track traffic sent by promoted and regular PINs to assist users to see however guests are coming back and aiming to your website.

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It will be laborious to grasp what keywords you would like to use on your regular PINs and boards, however, promoted pins will provide you with some insight. once you add a keyword to your Promotional PINs (and once more, you ne’er got to run a Promotional if you do not need to), you will see a listing of relevant connected keywords that you just will make a choice from.

Pinterest conjointly mechanically searches before choosing sure keywords supported the PIN you are promoting.

19. Focus on Product Uses

This is one every of the most important mistakes new marketers and businesses build on Pinterest: they concentrate on what the merchandise is, instead of simply the way to use it. Pinterest’s audience is way additional fascinated by employing a product, or however, it fits into their modus vivendi.

If you style your PIN, you’ll get far better results if users will take photos of themselves exploiting your product.

20. Take Benefits of Rich Pins

Rich pins are a good feature that you just will use to form your pin’s additional dynamic. solely business accounts will use made pins, and you would like to line up made pins on an individual basis and link them to your website. forms of made pins embody apps, spaces, articles, products, and formula pins. The PIN of the article can show, as an example, the title of the article, its publisher, publication date, and author. Product PINs will facilitate increase sales, particularly with a product and worth data, together with product convenience and wherever to shop for.

To use the made PIN, you would like to feature some information to your website, verify your website, and so apply for a made PIN. you need to apply once per domain.


Pinterest is an effective social media platform that can increase your sales and website traffic. However, with the information, we tend to mentioned higher than, you can to positively go in the correct manner. Keep exploitation tools like SocialPilot quality and consistent, and you may positively notice a flight within the performance of your Pinterest strategy.

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