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What is EtsyHunt?

EtsyHunt is a website that curates and showcases unique and handcrafted items from the popular e-commerce platform Etsy. It serves as a discovery platform for users to find exciting and one-of-a-kind products that are available for purchase on Etsy. EtsyHunt features a wide range of categories, such as home decor, jewellery, clothing, art, and more, making it easier for shoppers to explore different handmade items.

Users can browse through the curated collections on EtsyHunt to find inspiration or discover new artists and designers. The website also provides links to the original Etsy listings, allowing users to purchase the items they are interested in quickly. Overall, EtsyHunt offers a convenient way for individuals to explore the diverse world of handmade goods available on Etsy in one centralized location.

Pros of EtsyHunt:

  1. It provides a platform for small-scale companies or independent musicians to display their unique products.
  2. Provides a variety of vintage and handmade items that cannot be located in other stores.
  3. It allows customers to give back to the creators of their work, creating an atmosphere of belonging and community.
  4. There are search filters that are user-friendly and simple to operate.
  5. Allows sellers to reach out to a global market and grow their customers.

Cons of EtsyHunt:

  1. Lack of quality control measures put in place, which could lead to possible issues with quality or consistency.
  2. It can be overwhelming due to the vast number of listings, which makes it challenging to locate specific items.
  3. Some sellers might need to be more consistent in their shipping time or standards for customer support, which can affect general satisfaction.
  4. Sellers’ competition is often fierce, which makes it difficult for smaller shops to make a mark.
  5. This platform charges fees to list products, and it takes a portion of every sale, which cuts off the profit for sellers.


What is EtsyHunt?

EtsyHunt is a carefully curated selection of items that have been carefully selected by Etsy sellers that fall into various categories, including fashion, home decor, and gifts.

How can I buy items from EtsyHunt?

Click on the product you’d like to purchase, and you’ll be directed to the seller’s Etsy page, where you’ll be able to make your purchase.

Do the rates that are listed on EtsyHunt different from the prices on Etsy?

The prices listed on EtsyHunt are precisely the same as the prices listed by individual sellers on their own Etsy stores.

Can I place custom orders via EtsyHunt?

Unfortunately, custom orders aren’t offered exclusively through EtsyHunt. However, a lot of sellers offer customization options in their Etsy shops.

Are the items listed on EtsyHunt hand-crafted or vintage?

Self-employed artisans create the majority of the items listed on EtsyHunt; however, there are also antique pieces to purchase.

What is the frequency of new items being added to EtsyHunt?

New products will be added to EtsyHunt often to provide a varied and fresh choice available to customers.

Do I have the option of saving items to return to later on EtsyHunt?

As of now, saving items for later use is not a feature available on EtsyHunt. We suggest including them in your favourite list right from the sellers’ Etsy shop.

Do you have a return or exchange procedure for orders made through EtsyHunt?

Every seller’s return policies are, which is detailed in their listings, so make sure you read this before you make the purchase.

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