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What Is CB Engine?

Cbengine is a tool that inquiry and tracks products on ClickBank. The results they get enable affiliates to seek out the simplest products to market. CB Engine gives more statistics and metrics than ClickBank.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network, promoting digital products. These are products that will be download directly online after payment via MasterCard or PayPal. the sort of products sold are ebooks, software, online courses or membership sites.

What is cbengine clickbank?

The platform helps the sellers or the merchandise creators to sell their products by connecting them to affiliate marketers. this provides the sellers free publicity, in return, they pay commissions to their affiliates on each sale.

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Who Is It For?

This is for any affiliate marketer that advertise or promote ClickBank products. The CB Engine will assist you to find the simplest selling products, the programs that provide recurring commissions or the most recent products listed on CB. There are many various criteria you’ll use to seek out a product to market.

However, once you discover something that’s selling well, for instance, you’ll still need to inspect the merchandise to ascertain if it’ll be useful to your readers.

CBEngine Tools

If you’re curious about promoting CB products, the info returned by the CB Engine might be useful. Although I’m not an excellent fan of ClickBank generally due to the worth of the digital products they promote, it’s possible to seek out some programs that are good quality and useful to your readers.find-ClickBank-products

As you’ll see from the image on the proper there are alternative ways to look for products. Let’s take a glance at these methods:

New Products 

– an inventory of the newest products added to the marketplace
Best Gains – this provides several different indicators, for instance, the products that:
offer the most important payouts
have the very best gravity (the ClickBank stat mentioned above)
have the very best ranking within the marketplace
are performing best at the instant.

This can provide insights that would show if a product’s sales are increasing or decreasing. A product whose sales are increasing might be an honest option to promote.


recommendations to assist you to notice opportunities using predictive analysis (no guarantees that these are going to be successful)
Product Reviews – very similar to the recommended products below, not real reviews, more like promotional info. Useless survey sites have given positive reviews!
Re-listed – products that are re-listed within the marketplace
Recurring – an inventory of all programs that provide recurring payments
Removed – products faraway from the marketplace. It might be useful if you’re promoting something that’s not on ClickBank. the seller might still be selling the merchandise, perhaps through a special affiliate marketplace, so you’ll need to change your affiliate link.

Tags – a special thanks to list products

Categories – all the categories and sub-categories of the marketplace listed with the number of products in each category and links to every category marketplace-stats
Vendors – an alphabetical list of vendors
Statistics – a couple of stats on the marketplace with links to the new programs in each category
Payouts – a chart that provides you all the various commission rates with a link to the products in each field
RSS Feeds – to remain updated with the newest launch news and a script to feature a ClickBank mall to your website
Affiliate Tools – a couple of tools to calculate refund rate, the merchandise sale price, the split in earnings between the seller and therefore the affiliate and a hotlink generator.

Find Products Search Box

There is also another search box that permits you to mix many of the opposite metrics. Personally, I found it a touch complicated and it’s a shame there aren’t any detailed instructions on the way to use it. To take advantage of these results you’ll need to practice. you’ll find some videos on YouTube which may help.

CBEngine Pros And Cons

Pros Of CBEngine

Offers a Free 7 day Pro TrialWhat Is CB Engine
Has a Free Version
Lifetime paid Pro Membership for 1 payment
10,000’s of active paid users
Was created by longtime CB affiliates
An Above Average Success Rate
Backed by CB’s iron-clad Refund Policy
Notifies when new products are added
Stats are continuously updated.

Cons Of CBEngine

The free version is restricted in features
Only works with CB products
Some earned commissions are only available to Pro members
Stats are from other CB Engine affiliates.

How To start

Choosing the products you would like to market is merely one a part of the puzzle. Next, you would like to find out the way to get traffic and make sales!

Whatever products you’re thinking of promoting ClickBank, Amazon or any others, you’ll get to know the fundamentals of fixing an affiliate marketing business.

The first step I like to recommend is to hitch a training platform that teaches you all you would like to understand about creating your affiliate marketing website. one among the primary belongings you learn is the way to choose your niche. From there you’ll start trying to find products to market on ClickBank with the assistance of CB Engine otherwise you can choose other platforms like Amazon.

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Is CBengine Worth It?

For the worth of $27, it’s well worthwhile, that comes with one caveat though.

The catch is, CBengine isn’t getting to hold your hand and teach you ways to start out making money. you ought to be a minimum of already involved, if not already making money with ClickBank itself before you begin buying additional tools.

If you aren’t making money already with ClickBank, you would like to find out the way to become an affiliate marketer. There are tons of various skills you’ll get to become proficient at to form it during this business. the great news is it’s not impossible.

Quality Education

Luckily for you, during this day and age quality education has never been more accessible to more people. If you’ve got the gumption, get an enormous ole’ stack of books and an entire bunch of videos queued up in your YouTube playlist.

Your other option (that doesn’t leave you wondering how people really make money from home) is to urge involved during a class. There are tons of classes out there in the least different price points. But if you’re trying to work out the way to start making money from home, we’d encourage you to start out with a low-priced but all-inclusive training package like this one.

It doesn’t matter what you’re level of data is, programs just like the one linked to above will show you the ropes. You don’t get to be a programmer or maybe that tech-savvy to urge started. Programs like 6 Steps to Freedom start you off at the start and quickly show you ways many of us everywhere the planet are making any money.


This is the simplest tool within the market which may assist you to make the utmost utilization of your affiliate marketplace. The tools it provides make your road very clear on what to market and what to not promote (which is most important)?

If you’re an affiliate marketer then you’ll needless to say provides it an attempt to notice how it can boost your affiliate sales also as revenue as sales aren’t always directly proportional to the profit.

ClickBank Marketplace - Find Click Bank Product

CBEngine is a super tool to make researching profitable Click bank products easy for you .

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