10 Best Paid and Free Pinterest Tools for Marketers in 2024

Best Paid and Free Pinterest Tools

Best Paid and Free Pinterest Tools

How to Use PINTEREST TRENDS Tool in 2023 to Go VIRAL

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1. Tailwind:

Tailwind is a well-known Pinterest program that lets you schedule and plan your pins ahead of time. It also gives analytics to track pin and board performance.

2. Canva:

Canva is a graphic design software that comes with pre-designed Pinterest templates that make it simple for marketers to design visually attractive images. It offers an easy-to-use interface as well as an array of customizable options.

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3. Pinterest Ads Manager:

Pinterest Ads Manager is a paid-for tool that lets marketers design as well as manage Pinterest advertisements. It has options for targeting along with analytics, optimization, and tools to maximize your reach and engage.

4. PinGroupie

The PinGroupie app is a no-cost tool to help you discover to be a part of Pinterest Group boards. Pinners can collaborate on group boards to spread their influence.

5. Buffer

Buffer is known as an application for scheduling social media. Buffer also supports Pinterest. It lets you design and publish pins, which provides the convenience and reliability you need with your Pinterest marketing campaigns.

Pinterest Trends is free software that is provided through Pinterest itself. It lets you explore trends in keywords and topics on Pinterest and helps you discover what’s trending and optimize your content to match.

7. Board Booster:

Board Booster is a paid application that provides a variety of Pinterest automation options, including the looping of pins, scheduling campaigns, and analyzing board performance. It simplifies Pinterest advertising strategy implementation.

8. Promoted Pinterest:

Promoted pins are a paid-for advertising feature that Pinterest offers. It allows you to increase the popularity of your posts by targeting specific groups and increasing the likelihood of generating more traffic and conversions.

9. Pin Pinterest:

PinPinterest is an AI-powered tool that lets you simplify your Pinterest marketing strategies, which include the following: pinning and unfollowing. It also offers analysis and optimization tips to help improve the efficiency of your Pinterest performance. Best Paid and Free Pinterest Tools.

10. Pinterest Analytics:

Pinterest Analytics is a free tool offered by Pinterest that gives you insight into the performance of your Pinterest accounts performance. It gives you information on impressions, clicks and saves, and much more. You can measure Pinterest’s business promotion campaign’s success. Choose options that fit your marketing goals and budget. Specific devices might offer free and paid alternatives, so be sure to explore the features of each to figure out which best suits your needs.


How do I make an account on Pinterest?

Register for Pinterest here. Homepage of Pinterest. Pinterest home page and then click Join or click on the Facebook and Google tab to sign in. Best Paid and Free Pinterest Tools.

How can I access Pinterest without registering an account?

Registration is optional to use all Pinterest features.

How do I connect with others on Pinterest?

For someone to follow on Pinterest, you must look up their username or visit their profile, then click on”Follow.

What is a Pinterest board on Pinterest?

A board is a place where you can store and organize Pins according to various themes or topics. You can create several boards to arrange your thoughts.

How can Do I Save Pins on my board?

Hover your cursor over the pin and select “Save” to save it. Select the board that you want it to be dedicated to, or make a brand new one.

Do I have the ability to collaborate with other users via Pinterest Boards?

Yes, you can invite your friends to join your board by clicking the + icon beside the name of your board and then entering their email addresses.

How do I locate specific Pins or concepts on Pinterest?

You can utilize the search bar located in the upper right corner to type in the keywords you’re seeking, look through the categories available, or look into current subjects.

Is there a maximum amount of pins you are allowed to make on Pinterest?

You are able to save an infinite amount of Pins to Pinterest. You can save all the ideas you want!

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