10 Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees (Bachelors & Masters)

Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees

Digital marketing degree programs from accredited universities can assist you to find a lucrative job in the highly-demanding area that is digital marketing.

In order to help you select the best degree that fits your requirements and budget We’ve analyzed the market to determine the top digital marketing degrees you can pursue online. The top 10 list of ours includes Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from internationally recognized institutions.

Bachelor’s degrees require approximately 2-4 years to complete. Master’s degrees are completed in about 1-2 years. The cost of an online bachelor’s degree ranges between $14K and $50K , and the price of the Masters ranges from $11K to $35K.

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10 Best online Digital Marketing Degrees

Cost of Degree School

1. Master’s Degrees of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Institute $11,850

2. Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing Southern New Hampshire University $38,400

3. Master of Science degree with a concentration in Digital Marketing Cambridge Global College $55,480

4. A Digital Business Online Degree LSU Online $45,480

5. Masters of Business Administration University of Illinois $22,104

6. MBA Online Degrees Western Governors University $14,880

7. Master’s Degree Online with a focus on Marketing Santa Clara University $41,256

8. Bachelor of Business Administration: Digital Marketing Management Bay Path University $49,000

9. Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing Rutgers University $35,520

10. Masters of Digital Technology Online Marketing Contech University $18,000

1. Master’s degrees in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Institute

A highly-effective digital marketing diploma that is frequently updated to reflect current developments in the market The “Masters in Digital Marketing” from the Digital Marketing Institute, sets the foundation for your new job.

The program is carefully designed to give you the most comprehensive comprehension of the entire spectrum of marketing strategies to promotion on social media and mobile devices This online degree in digital marketing could lead to endless possibilities for employment.

When you enroll you’ll have access to Digital Marketing Institute, for regular industry updates and insight and an internationally recognized Masters’s degree. Every course is packed with interactive learning tools including videos, quizzes, and other learning materials to test your understanding. You can also find animated explanations as well as unique tools to discover.

2. BA in Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing

Southern New Hampshire University

Recognized by the ACBSP Accredited by the ACBSP, the SHNU Digital Marketing Degree teaches students everything they need to market their products on mobile devices, social media platforms and other online channels. You’ll be taught how to analyze the metrics that guide stronger campaigns, as well as develop powerful strategies for pay-per click and organic advertising campaigns.

A BS in Marketing can prepare students for entry-level jobs in the field of marketing or serve as the basis of the Master’s program. It is possible to take advantage of an “accelerated degree” option that can assist you in transferring from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s level at pace.

Who’s this intended for?

If you’re thinking of making a move into digital marketing, or you’d like to study for a master’s level of education, or want to start your own business in marketing, SHNU could have the education in digital marketing that you require.

The course offers the practical and hands-on education that is required to be successful in any career in digital marketing and covers subjects such as mobile marketing and social media advertising as well as digital analytics. Through this course you’ll also develop essential business-related skills, such as how to interact with your colleagues and develop creative thinking processes.

Admission conditions

There is no particular ACT or SAT scores are required for this online degree in digital marketing. It is possible to apply for the degree at no cost, and without prior knowledge in marketing. It is also possible to get an answer within a few days on whether you are eligible to join the classes.

It could be helpful to take some of the smaller marketing concentration courses offered by SNHU for example:

  • MKT311 mobile marketing
  • MKT315 SEO vs . SEM
  • MKT335 Digital advertising
  • MKT410 Digital analytics

What is the price and what time will it take to finish?

The program takes approximately 4 years of study, at an average of a part-time rate. There is some room to improve the pace of your learning. The pricing is determined on the “per credit” basis. It requires 120 credits to get your Bachelor’s degree. each credit is $320 which equals $38,400.

The School Southern New Hampshire University

  • Time 4 years
  • Cost: $38,400

Degree Master of Science (BS) in Marketing with a specialization in Digital Marketing

Accreditation Awarded by New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

3. Master of Science degree in Digital Marketing

Cambridge Global College

It was developed in collaboration with one of the most well-known digital marketing schools around the globe in the present The Cambridge Online Master of Science in Digital Marketing assists in developing the creative, technical, and business leadership abilities of students who are interested in advertising.

This cutting-edge marketing degree gives students with a variety of learning opportunities, including classes that are designed to help you dive further into the realm of research. Learn more from industry leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin along with Simon Sinek.

Students are able to build business administration skills along with marketing abilities and gain an understanding of web design, development advertising, and consumer behaviour.

Who’s this to be used for?

This program was designed for those with an interest in advertising and growth of businesses This degree is a great option for you digital marketing program for those who want to make the first step toward a profession in marketing.

This program goes beyond the basic Cambridge certification in online marketing, to offer an internationally recognized degree perfect for young professionals.

Students can use the latest and innovative technologies, research the latest trends in marketing and learn from seasoned experts in the area. The topics covered range that is digital from content production to marketing via email to viral marketing, as well as web analytics.

The Cambridge Bachelor’s degree could assist in launching your career. 63% of graduates get work from corporations that have relationships that are affiliated with Cambridge College Global.

Admission prerequisites

Acceptance decisions by Cambridge is made on a continuous basis throughout the year , for 6 distinct undergraduate sessions. Students may apply anytime and be notified within a matter of days. You’ll need an official transcript from your high school showing your graduation date, as well as an affidavit certifying your completion of high school courses in a home-school setting.

You may also submit passing scores of an approved ability-to-benefit exam such as the Accuplacer exam, nine credit or hours from Cambridge college courses as well as 24+ credits attained from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university.

All students should have Internet access that is functional as well as playingback and audio software as well as the ability to access Microsoft Office programs.

The price of this entire course for the general public is $55,480.

 This is $1,387 per course within the complete course of study.

There are discounts for spouses and relatives as well as veterans and their dependents. The course for $39,800. Additionally, military members and their families as well as first responders and family members can take the course for just $30,000.

Additional charges include $50 application fees for undergraduate students (waived for certain applicants) and $85 for download fees to access the materials for each course.

The School Cambridge Global College

  • Time 4 years
  • Cost: $55,480

Graduation: Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Marketing

Accreditation Awarded by New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

4. The Online Business Degree in Digital Marketing and Sales

LSU Online

The online degree in internet marketing is an actual business degree that focuses in digital marketing. The curriculum examines marketing as a part of establishing a profitable company, and combines knowledge of marketing with a complete understanding of how to build an online business that is successful.

Learn how to create advertising strategies, evaluate campaign results, and apply different strategies and tools for the acquisition of customers.

Instead of focusing solely on marketing techniques, this class will help business leaders with transferable abilities, such as those in data management as well as data mining.

Who’s this to be used for?

Designed for business leaders or entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their own business This business-oriented method of marketing education will assist in empowering future generations of entrepreneurs.

This course is perfect for budding SEO/SEM expert or digital marketing manager or specialist in email marketing.

The students will earn an undergraduate diploma in business online and digital marketing. You’ll learn important topics such as the theory of marketing, creating an eCommerce-based business, utilizing social media advertising tools and managing vital marketing information.

Admission conditions

Freshmen who are first-time applicants to this program will require an 3.0 Core GPA of 19 college-preparatory high-school courses or an Old SAT score of 10301100 New SAT 23 Composite Score on ACT.

You’ll also have to be able to enroll in the university level English as well as Math courses as evidenced by an minimal ACT English subscore of 18 and the required ACT Math subscore of 19.

Transfer students will need 30 or more transferable credit hours from a regionally-accredited university or college, a 2.5 academic GPA, and a grade of C or better in all English and Math courses.

Re-entry students must have at minimum at least a 2.0 GPA for every LSU classes. Students who don’t meet entry requirements to a senior college can begin with The University College Center for Freshman Year or for the Center for Advising and Counseling.

What is the price and what time it take to finish?

The cost of the online degree in marketing will be determined on the basis of the credits you have already earned. It will require a total of 120 hours of credit to finish the course, with the fee per credit of $379.

It is possible to transfer a sum of $11,370 from your previous education or the total cost is $45,480. The program lasts for a total of four years.

Graduation: Business Degree Online Digital Marketing Degree

Accreditation Recognized through the Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

5. Master of Business Administration

University of Illinois

One of the most sought-after degrees in the digital marketing field by numerous magazines The University of Illinois Masters of Business Administration program also includes the top-ranked certification for specialization in digital marketing.

The focus of the specialization is on various elements of digital marketing landscape including analysis, optimization of search engines social media, 3D printing.

In the course of the fully accredited course You’ll be provided with all the tools needed to develop a better understanding about marketing analysis, promotions, and running a profitable business. The students are taught how to lead, as well as strategies for business and marketing development.

Who are these to be used for?

For those who want to become entrepreneurs and leaders The Master of Business administration course will help individuals develop into leaders with confidence with the skills of managing teams, people, and technology. You’ll be taught how to implement the strategies of an organization and create crucial business assets, such as marketing campaigns.

This course provides important details on how to synthesize , analyze and make use of data-intensive information, such as the complete description of marketing analytics and reports.

Apart from learning to use marketing techniques to your advantage You’ll also be able to learn about aspects such as value chain management, the management of finances, entrepreneurship, strategic innovation, as well as business analytics.

Admission conditions

You’ll need an undergraduate education in the US or US equivalent degree from an approved university. The iMBA program also requires three years of work experience as a professional and access to all the application materials which include a personal statement including a resume, two letters of recommendation, as well as English score.

The admissions committee will look over your application and could invite you for an interview via the internet, at which point you’ll be informed of an answer.

iMBA offers a unique admissions path based on performance. If you’re accepted into this path, you’ll have to complete 3 iMBA courses and then be automatically accepted into the program once you have completed them successfully.

How much will it price and what time it take to finish?

The University of Illinois offers a range of financing options including financial aid , tuition reimbursement as well as scholarships that cover 70percent of tuition for eligible students.

The price of your education will be around $23,040, for a total of 24 months course that takes between 24 and 30 hours each week. The total cost is spread over several academic periods.

Additionally, you can avail an arrangement that pays-as-you go that allows you to pay for tuition only for the courses that you’re enrolled in, meaning you can leave without having to pay.

University of Illinois: University of Illinois

  • Duration 2 years
  • Cost: $22,104
  • Degree MBA Master
  • Accreditation Graduation that is Globally Recognized

6. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Western Governors University

The program was designed to prepare future innovators for a lucrative career in business, the online bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing could allow students to take on a variety of new jobs.

This program covers a variety of vital skills required by executives of the future, including the importance of consumer behavior and marketing analytics creating content marketing, management of sales and communications.

The course helps students in devising complete strategies to promote various items and products. The marketing portion that is taught in this course includes subjects such as marketing strategy, brand management analysis, analytics, and customer behavior analysis.

In contrast, the core business and business management components examine topics such as the fundamentals for business success and developing strategic thinking.

Who’s this intended for?

This bachelor’s degree online in marketing will prepare business leaders and future entrepreneurs to pursue a career in the field of marketing, or for a new route towards establishing their own business.

Learn to market the products and services in front of customers with a strategy that helps build the image of a brand starting from scratch. Then, you’ll acquire transferable skills in innovative thinking and communications.

The program can help prepare you for the career path of branding management, marketing management sales, brand management, and business development. Additionally, you can learn new techniques in the fields of IT and human resources and management of projects. Since the course is completely on the internet, it’s adaptable for students of all levels.

Admission prerequisites

There is no requirement to pass an ACT or SAT to be admitted to the MBA program, however there are some general administrative requirements. All MBA programs require a proof of completion of your bachelor’s program from an accredited college.

You’ll need to go through an appointment with an enrollment counselor. At that time, you can make arrangements for the tuition payment schedule and also create an account on WGU in order to request financial assistance.

How much will it take to complete and for how long it take to finish?

It is possible to complete this course over 0.5 to four years, based on the amount of time you’d like to devote to the course. Course leaders suggest at least two years of study to earn this level.

Instead of billing per credit amount, we charge per term, which allows you go through certain materials faster.

If you take only two years to complete this degree, you’ll be paying $18,880.

School: WGU (Western Governors University)

  • Duration 2 years
  • Cost: $14,880
  • Degree Bachelor of Science: Business Administration and Online Marketing
  • Accreditation Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP)

7. Online Master’s in Marketing

Santa Clara University

The program is provided through The Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business The Online Master’s in Marketing program can complete in short as one year. It can puts students on a fast route to lucrative promotions.

The educational track is comprised of fifteen courses that cover important subjects such as analysis of customer behavior and the marketing process, as well as marketing analytics and the foundations of MarTech.

It is possible to enroll in brand management and innovation elective classes, and also learn about specific aspects of the advertising landscape including programmatic marketing, social media and technology-based marketing. Further electives are currently being planned for this course.

Who’s this intended for?

As with many of the top institutions for digital marketing, Santa Clara University focuses its classes on helping professionals prepare for their next step to a more long-term career in advertising.

The abilities you learn through this course will allow you assume new responsibilities within your existing business or to be able to assume new roles, such as “Account Director” or “Marketing Manager”.

The course is ideal for professionals who want to increase their understanding of different types of promotional and marketing methods. You could apply the knowledge you’ve learned to become an Executive Director of Marketing or create your own agency for digital marketing.

Admission prerequisites

All applicants to an MS in Marketing online MS in Marketing must hold an undergraduate degree of four years from an accredited college or university. It is required to complete an online application and pay the application fee of $148 (waived by alumni as well as SCU students as also military veterans and veterans).

Admission requirements include GMAT/GRE score or waivers and official transcripts of bachelor’s degrees two letters of recommendation along with a current resume and three business-related essays.

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll need submit TOEFL or IELTS test scores.

What is the cost and how long will it take to finish?

It is priced at $1,146 for each unit of credit. Students must finish 36 units to earn master’s degrees.

The application fee is $146. fee. Without fees for application, the whole year of studies costs $41,256. Financial aid is available but you’ll need to reach out to the admissions department for more information.

School: Santa Clara University

  • Duration 1 year
  • Cost: $41,256
  • Graduation: On-line Master of Science (MS) in Marketing
  • Accreditation Awarded: Degree Globally Recognized

8. Bachelor of Business Administration: Digital Marketing Management

Bay Path University

The Bachelor of Science online degree in digital marketing from Bay Path University teaches students how to master the fundamentals of the field, from establishing successful social media strategy in order to manage digital media apps and tools.

Learn to conduct efficient online marketing research and use analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing.

Through the course, students have access to SOUL’s the online resources and tools, along with customized assistance for their academic journey. Additionally, there is a wealth of assistance and guidance for academics to students who are beginning your education on their first attempt.

Who are these intended for?

This major in digital marketing aims to develop the future generation of digital and social media marketers accountable for influencing customers as well as customers. The vast array of topics taught will help you prepare for the latest developments in social, email and content marketing and help you master the capabilities required to create comprehensive and comprehensive online marketing plans.

Students develop the skills necessary for the future marketer or online community manager, search engine optimization expert, or digital account executive for advertising. The course builds upon foundations of the Business Degree core foundation with an emphasis of digital marketing.

Admission conditions

Students must submit a completed application form as well as an official transcript from high school from an accredited institution or equivalent. Additionally, you stand greater chances of being accepted into the class if you provide an essay, writing samples as well as the recommendations of high school counselors or teachers.

What is the cost and how long will it take to finish?

The bachelor of science degree typically takes three years to complete at a total cost of $49,200. The price for the program is based on the amount of credits needed. Each credit will cost $410 and you’ll require 120 credits to finish the course.

The School Bay Path University

  • Duration 3 years
  • Cost: $49,200
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in business: Digital Marketing Management
  • Accreditation Awarded by New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)

9. Masters of Science degree in Digital Marketing

Rutgers University

This online marketing degree will cover everything that experts must be aware of to become market innovative. The AACSB-accredited online program is more than the fundamental marketing course. It provides the full coverage of complicated subjects like the behavior of consumers in a digital age and customer journey analytics and how to conduct market research.

The classes are integrated with top marketing technology platforms such as HootSuite along with Google Analytics, to help build leaders in the field of marketing that can thrive in an online world.

Learn about the principles that are part of UX as well as UI in the field of digital marketing, and learn the fundamentals of laws, policies and ethics.


Who’s this to be used for?

This course was designed for those who want to pursue a profession in marketing via digital or to start their own business this Master of Science in Digital marketing program will aid professionals in the marketing field to understand their customer base and to differentiate themselves in the digital market.

It’s all about digital capabilities in this class which covers topics such as how to utilize the most common digital advertising and promotion tools as well as how to make the most of the effectiveness that search marketing can bring to. Additionally, you’ll discover the fundamentals of marketing, such as how to create your own marketing plan.


Admission prerequisites

The minimum GPA for undergraduates is of 3.0 or higher in order to apply to this course, in addition to prior experience in marketing to prove your understanding of the most basic marketing concepts. The course will also require 3 essays in writing and 3 powerful recommendations letters.


What is the cost and how long will it take to finish?

The course will require a single year to complete. It has the cost of $3,552 for each course, with the total cost for the degree is $35,520. It is possible to pay tuition costs part-time or fully-time depending on your requirements, and you might need to pay for additional fees to gain access to certain technologies and resources.

School: Rutgers University

  • Duration 1 year
  • Cost: $35,520
  • Degree Master of Science degree in Digital Marketing
  • Accreditation Accreditation Council for Business School and Business Programs (ACBSP)

10. A Master’s Degree Online in Digital Marketing

Contech University

The new generation of marketing specialists Contech’s on-line Master of Science in digital marketing offered by Contech is a great digital degree.

This course will cover important subjects which are often overlooked in other online marketing degrees like how to create content that enhances users, develop strategically your own marketing strategies and make the most of lead generation.

You’ll be able to access information about reputation management and unique types of digital marketing such as advertising on social networks and affiliate marketing.

Marketing Business

Designed for business executives who are seeking an position in the marketing business, this 30-credit program will equip you with a variety of marketing professionals. You can use the knowledge you acquire to become a content marketing expert as well as a Social Media Marketing Consultant or a paid search specialist.

The course was designed for those who have a solid background in management of business and will equip you with the necessary skills that cover all aspects of drip marketing to sales analytics in marketing analytics to agile development SEO, and SEM.

Learn to make use of digital marketing tools in order to reap the most benefit from your marketing efforts.

Admission prerequisites

You’ll require a document proving your the completion of an accredited bachelor’s program to begin your Masters in addition to an official transcript of your studies and evidence in English ability (if students from abroad). In addition, you’ll have to provide answers to two brief assessments and upload a brief video that answers specific questions.

A committee of admissions may request the attendance of you at an interview in order to provide you with an answer to your admission.

The degree will take one year to complete

 It includes a variety of options of payment. You can pay an upfront payment at beginning of the course for 20% off, or split your tuition in the amount of $8,000 by 12 installments over the course of a year. The tuition is broken down into 30 credits, at a cost of 600 dollars per credit.

It is also possible to avoid paying to attend school until you get an excellent job by using the “Study Now and pay later” model. This lets you pay for your tuition after you’ve been hired at a cost at a monthly rate of 500 dollars.

School: Contech University

  • Duration 1 year
  • Cost: $18,000
  • Degree Master of Science degree in Digital Marketing
  • Accreditation: Provisorily recognized from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

What is the cost of digital Marketing Graduation Costs?

The cost of your degree in digital marketing will be based on the stage of study as well as how you will need to finish your program. The bachelor’s level of a degree from digital marketing may cost upwards of $55,470 over four years of study and a master’s degree online is as low as $11,850.

It is possible to cut down the expense of your studies by applying for scholarship and other financial assistance from specific educational institutions.

Do you think a degree on Digital Marketing Worth It?

An online marketing career could be extremely lucrative and stimulating job. The median salary for digital marketers is between $83k and $119k per year. There are the potential to earn higher based on your expertise and education.

The bachelor’s program in digital marketing will provide students with the necessary skills they require to pursue an executive-level job in different elements of the digital market. Learn concerning marketing analytics knowing your audience’s needs and using various forms of marketing such as SMS or social media marketing.

A Master’s diploma in marketing and digital builds upon the foundations you have built with your bachelor’s degree, and will enhance your understanding. You will be able to develop your capabilities in business administration and management, or increase your standing as a marketer and with a particular emphasis on certain types of excellence in promotional marketing.

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